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Baculovirus / Insect Cell Expression

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No. Milestones Specifications Deliverables Timeline1
1 Gene synthesis and subcloning
  • Subcloning into one or more expression vectors
Construct(s) report 2 weeks
2 Virus generation
  • Generation of recombinant Bacmid DNA
  • Transfection of insect cell with recombinant Bacmid DNA
  • Generation of P1 stock (Low titer), P2 stock (High titer), and determination of virus titer by Quantitative-PCR
  • Verify the protein expression for P1 and P2 generation by western blot with anti-His/GST or other antibody
5 ml, >107 pfu/ml virus stock 2-3 weeks
3 Pilot expression evaluation
  • Infection of insect cells with P2 stock
  • One step affinity purification SDS-PAGE gel and Western blot
Expression data 1.5 weeks
4 1 L expression and purification
  • 1 Linsect cell expression and purification
  • One-step purification
  • QC by SDS-PAGE, Western blot2, and LC-MS/MS coverage2
Purified proteins
QC data
1-2 weeks
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