Custom Monoclonal 항체 서비스

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Custom Monoclonal 항체 서비스

서비스 특징 (Service Feature)

Hybridoma Generation (Monoclonal 항체 제작 절차)

서비스 세부내역 (Service Details)

Phase Service Options Deliverables *Mid-project Phase-specific Options Approximate Time (weeks)
Phase I

  • MonoBoost™ protocol or conventional protocol (4months longer)
  • ImmunoPlus Technology
  • DNA Immunization
  • Animals: BALB/c mice, C57BL6 mice, or rats
  • Number of animals immunized
  • Test bleed report
    (optional: total serum protein delivery)
  • Modify immunization strategy
  • Proceed with selected animals for fusion
Phase II

Cell Fusion and Screening
  • Indirect ELISA screening and WB validation
  • Capture ELISA
  • Competitive ELISA
  • FACS screening
  • Counter screening
  • Additional screening options available
  • Parental supernatant report or 2 mL supernatants
  • Alter screening methodology
  • Select ~5-10 clones which proceed to subcloning
Phase III

Subcloning, Screening, and Expansion
  • Subclone Screening
  • Cryopreservation
  • Cell banking
  • Roller Bottle Production
  • Antibody Purification
  • 2 vials of up to 10 hybridoma cell lines
  • 5 mL sub-clone supernatant
  • Purified Antibodies
  • FREE cell banking at GenScript for 6 months
  • Scale-up production
  • Continue with other services: antibody screening, rAb production, etc.

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